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To speak of architecture is to speak of life. That of the cities, that of the people who live there. It's talking about history. Old and recent. Big and small.

Maison sculpture, Jacques Couëlle - Athilie

Pumpkin, Pierre Paulin

Athilie is an interior design agency founded in 2017 by Margaux-Athilie Belaïd in Paris.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Established for a year in Nice, our projects range from:

  • Interior architecture with partial or total renovations (apartment, house, offices, business ...).

  • Interior or exterior fittings (kitchen, bathroom, storage ...)

  • The design of tailor-made furniture in collaboration with local artisans.

Margaux-Athilie Belaïd - Athilie

Housse Bernard, Antti Lovag

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